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IncomeMAX CIC helps people to maximise their income and improve their financial situation by providing money advice and support services to vulnerable and lower-income households.

Our services are delivered by a team of friendly, professional experts who specialise in benefits, debt advice, employment, energy bills, water bills and saving money.


 IncomeMAX CIC aims to help people;

 –      Maximise their benefit entitlement

-       Get the right debt advice

-       Move into sustainable employment

-       Afford their energy bills, keep warm and become more energy efficient

-       Afford their water bills and save water

-       Budget and save money


The majority of our services are designed to directly advise and support vulnerable and lower-income clients through commissioned projects.

We also provide support to organisations through training and to a wider UK audience through media work, social networking and Internet/App tools.

IncomeMAX CIC services include:

-       Benefit entitlement checks

-       Benefits advice

-       Debt advice

-       Telephone-advice projects

-       Face-to-face support projects

-       Vulnerable customer support

-       Back-to-work advice

-       Specialist projects

-       Verification services (e.g. Warm Home Discount, Social-Tariff assessment)

-       Training

-       Information resources

-       Media work

-       Internet/App tools

-       Social networking

-       Research

To find out more about IncomeMAX and our pioneering approach to income maximisation call us on 0300 777 7772 or email

You can also download our service brochure.

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